Trends and Predictions in the San Marcos 92069 Real Estate Market

San Marcos

Trends and Predictions in the San Marcos 92069 Real Estate Market


San Marcos, CA 92069 has experienced a dynamic housing market in recent months. This blog post examines various key indicators to provide a comprehensive analysis of the area's real estate conditions.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How the local market compares to national trends.
  • The implications of recent changes in housing inventory and prices.
  • Future outlooks based on current market dynamics.

Let's dive into the details and understand what these trends signify for potential buyers, sellers, and investors in San Marcos.

Active Listing Count

The number of active listings in San Marcos has seen a significant increase from February to April 2024. Initially, in February, there were 16 active listings which rose to 29 by April. This trend suggests a growing availability of homes, possibly making it a buyer's market. In comparison, the national trend also shows an increase but not as pronounced as in the local market.

Median Days on Market

Homes in San Marcos are selling faster over time. The median days on market decreased from 30 days in February to 26 in March, before slightly increasing to 33 in April. This fluctuation indicates varying market dynamics and possibly seasonal effects affecting how quickly homes are selling.

Months of Inventory

The inventory data, which reflects how long it would take to sell all current listings without new ones being added, shows a slight increase from 1.2 months in March to 1.4 in April. This aligns closely with national averages, suggesting a balanced market that is neither heavily favoring buyers nor sellers.

Median Listing Price

The median listing price in the local market has been climbing, indicative of a robust demand or possibly decreasing supply. From February to April, the price increased from $984,500 to $1,023,825. This rise is mirrored nationally but at a different scale, suggesting local factors at play specific to San Marcos.

Median Listing Price per Square Foot

Reflecting the overall trend in housing prices, the cost per square foot has escalated from $531 to $566 from February to April. This metric helps potential buyers assess the value for money in the area compared to the national average.

Home Size: Median Square Feet

The size of homes being sold has remained relatively stable, with slight fluctuations. This stability in home size amidst rising prices could indicate that buyers are paying more for the same amount of space.

New Listing Count

The number of new listings spiked in March, reaching 40, and then slightly declined to 32 in April. This surge could be seasonal or due to sellers entering the market to capitalize on rising prices.

Number of Homes With Price Reductions

Despite the overall rise in prices, the number of homes with price reductions has increased, doubling from February to March. This could suggest that some homes were initially overpriced or that the market is becoming slightly more competitive for sellers.

Total Listing Count

The total listing count combines active and pending listings, showing a consistent increase over the last few months. This growth indicates more activity in the market, with more transactions likely taking place.

Pending Listing Count

The pending listing count, which indicates homes under contract, has been steadily increasing. This rise is a positive sign of a healthy market with active buyers and sellers.


The San Marcos 92069 housing market is vibrant, with significant activity and changes over recent months. Here's what we've uncovered:

  • The market is experiencing a notable increase in both listing counts and prices.
  • Homes are generally selling faster than before, although the days on market have shown some variability.
  • New and pending listings suggest a healthy turnover in the housing stock.

For those considering entering the San Marcos market, whether buying or selling, staying informed about these trends will be crucial. For your next step, consider looking into specific neighborhood analyses within San Marcos for more tailored insights.

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